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/ Job Development

Professional Etiquette

This lesson highlights the importance of understanding the social and professional behaviors that make an individual successful in the work environment. Tell students that they should feel free to share ideas and lessons from their experiences. The training is highly interactive and requires student participation. Basic computer skills that will give them the ability to conduct online job searches, prepare documents in Microsoft Word, and send and receive emails.

Interviewing Skills

To inform students of the factors that need to be considered before, during and after interviews; to provide an opportunity for students to practice answering commonly asked interview questions.

Marketing Yourself for Employment

This lesson highlights the importance of promoting oneself to the employer and the key elements of presentations skills for effective networking, interviewing and interaction with recruiters, career specialists, colleagues and others who can assist in the job search. Inform students that this will be a highly interactive session, with opportunities to practice presentation skills through role-plays and classroom discussion.

Customer Service Skills

Providing good customer service is important to all employers who look for job applicants with a demonstrable appreciation of this area. The way that customers view the service they receive from a company can either make or break an organization. Inform students that they will be working on a group presentation that will require them to consider the principles of good customer service, while giving them another opportunity to build confidence in creating and delivering presentations.

Employment Documentation

Inform students that they will be completing their employment documents during this class. They will have the opportunity to finalize their resumes, cover and thank you letters, and other documents required for completion of the program. Explain that they will be working at their own pace, with oversight by a facilitator. This workshop also provides an opportunity for attention in any area of computer skills where they may be weak. Students can stop attending once they have completed their documents, at which time they will receive an appointment to see an employment specialist.


Pre-Employment Class

Monday - Thursday | 9 - 11 am

Class Offers:

  • Job placement
  • Soft skills
  • Job preparation
  • Job readiness and referral
  • Resume building
  • Cover Letter
  • Basic computer literacy
  • ** Meet with employers


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