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OIC Wilson has changed my life and allowed me to see life from a different perspective and I am forever grateful.

OIC Wilson was the beginning to the career in the medical field that I needed, they gave me the extra push and support that I needed. I just wanted to say thank you.

OIC Wilson has given me an opportunity after spending the majority of my life in prison to become a husband, a father and a man in the community that I was raised in. Now I have a career and have a chance to give back to the community.

OIC Wilson has given me a fresh start on life, they helped me to be a better father, provider and allowed me to be the man in my community that I need to be.

OIC Wilson has been a game changer for me. They helped me to recognize some of my inner strengths and motivated me to be the best me. I appreciate your support and patience with me.

Thank you OIC Wilson for giving us a second chance and not giving up on us. When we make it big, we won’t forget everything that you did.

OIC Wilson helped change my life for the better and changed my perspective on life. They caused me to want more for myself. Thank You.

Thank you OIC for all of your help.

I thank you guys for not giving up on me. I appreciate you sticking to your word to help me, even when I didn’t want the help. So, thanks again.

Thank you OIC Wilson for pushing me to become better and never giving up on me, even when I had already given up on myself. Today I am a better man and I give OIC Wilson the credit that they deserve.